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About Us

A diverse group of professionals committed to spreading the cold, one country at a time. We will be able to reach out and provide great service thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in the industry and the newest technical advancements. 

Regardless of whether the task is residential or commercial, our professional experts approach it with the same emphasis and strict SOP’s since we understand the essential of the needs of our customers.

 For the greatest level of service and to guarantee punctuality, our team of experts is rigorously managed. Our services and prices are open and honest. There are no additional fees, and our employees are motivated to offer top-notch service.

Additionally, in order to guarantee that we deliver consistently high-quality services, we have strong standard operating procedures in place.

about us

Each nation, a Lim Cool-n-cool new group that is not totally predetermined, will bring the frost. We are genuinely interested in connecting and providing exceptional support because we have over 20 years of industry experience and the most recent technological advancement. We grasp the substance of clients’ necessities, be it private or business, our gifted experts apply similar spotlight and rigid SOP’s on each errand our clients endow us with.

Our group of specialists is overseen rigorously to guarantee reliability and to offer the best support. Our evaluation and administration are straightforward. There is no secret charged and our staff is boosted to offer great assistance. Moreover, we likewise have severe standard working methods set up to guarantee we offer reliably top-notch assistance to our clients.

Lim Cool-n-cool


To give a 360° AC answer for all our business colleagues, ensuring premium administrations by applying our interesting organized business directors.

Lim Cool-n-cool


As we attempt to be Malaysia's No.1 Lim Cool-n-cool Hero Service Provider, we are offering cutthroat valuing with premium administrations for our colleagues.

Lim Cool-n-cool


We plan to turn into the biggest Lim Cool-n-cool adjusting organization on the planet continuously 2025.